Learn the Top Benefits of Inverter Aircon

You might be hearing the top benefits of inverter aircon in the past few years. What’s better: an inverter aircon or a split aircon unit? These are two different technologies and both of them have their ups and downs but the major difference is that an inverter AC is the latest technology and what we all can say from our past experiences is that when it comes to tech, the newer the better.

In this piece, we will have a look at inverter technology. Its ups and downs and if you should buy or switch to an inverter aircon unit.

What is an Inverter Aircon?

An inverter is a technology in your aircon unit that has the job to save energy. How does it perform this job? By controlling the motor speed to efficiently eliminate wasted operation in your aircon unit.

The major difference of the inverter ac from the conventional ac is that it can accelerate or decelerate the external compressor which helps in maintaining the temperature of the room.

The conventional ac (split ac) can’t do that. In Fact it operates at full speed to reach the desired temperature and then shuts the compressor down. And when the room temperature increases, the compressor starts again and cools the room from scratch. This is one of the top benefits of invertor aircon.

The inverter aircon’s outer doesn’t shut down, in fact the compressor just slows down after reaching the desired temperature in order to keep the room at a constant running temperature.

This helps a lot when it comes to saving electricity. That’s why a lot of Singaporean use this when they know the benefits of inverter aircon

Now let’s look at some of the disadvantages and benefits of inverter aircon unit. It is crucial for you to know that the inverter aircon unit might not suit everyone.

Advantages of an inverter AC

Disadvantages of an inverter AC

Maintaining an inverter aircon unit

You might hear that an inverter costs more in maintenance. In some instances it is true. The spare parts of an aircon inverter are expensive but the same cannot be said about the rest of the maintenance.

The difference of the price between an inverter unit and a conventional unit revolves around SG3 per unit. And as there is a lot less load on the unit because of uniform running, there are less malfunctions with the motor and compressor.

Inverter aircon units increase energy bills, is it true?

Well that’s true in some cases. For example, if you have an inverter unit installed in a large room then there won’t be much saving. This applies on both types of aircon units. Because they constantly cool the room but fail to reach the desired temperature.


As you have learn all the top benefits of inverter aircon. Inverter aircon units can control the room temperature elegantly and it is reported that it can save energy up to 30%. But these aircon units are expensive to buy and the maintenance is expensive as well.

When you go out to buy an aircon unit, you should know if it works best with your interests or not. Is your room medium-sized for the inverter to easily cool it off. All these elements should be taken into account before purchasing.

If the inverter is the right choice for your household or offices then it cannot get better than this. It is reported that the extra money you pay when buying and maintaining an inverter AC recovers quickly within one and a half years.

You can consult an aircon technician on whether to stay with a split ac or buy a brand inverter aircon unit. You can contact Sibehcool and we’ll arrange an expert aircon technician for you.

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