Learn About One-time VS Contract Based Aircon Servicing

In this article we will be discussion about the pros & con based on the topic: One-time VS Contract Based Aircon Servicing

In extreme conditions such as in Singapore, we don’t have much choice but to keep our aircon unit running at all times. This results in a constant workload on your unit and sometimes an overload which can cause damage if the aircon unit is not regularly maintained or in other words serviced.

If you ask a technician about when to service your air conditioner, they will all have the same answer: “Once every three months”. Although three months seems like no time, it does spare you with trouble even if you don’t recognize it right now.

Leaving your aircon unit unserviced can result in pretty severe damage which can sometimes get permanent. And the expense for repair can look haunting. So we know what the best practice is, service every three months. But should you hire a technician every single time to service your unit or should you go for a contract.

What goes best for you? That’s what we will discuss in this article as the right choice can do wonders for you.

What is Yearly Contract Maintenance?

A yearly contract means that your aircon maintenance company will make sure that your aircon unit gets serviced three to four times a year. Usually when we do not have a contract, we often forget about servicing our unit and the service date passes by.

It is quite normal as we are busy with our families and jobs. This is where yearly contracts are beneficial as they keep track of the dates and make sure that your unit gets serviced on time and stays in its best condition.

Advantages of a Yearly Contract Maintenance

How much does a Yearly Contract costs?

This is an important distinction, one you have to do proper research for. A complete cost of a yearly contract is based on the size of the house and how many aircon units it consists of. If you have a smaller house, your yearly contract might cost up to 100$ but if the house is large then there are housing whose maintenance can get over 1000$ yearly.

Depending on the aircon maintenance company you are working with, the cost of your yearly contract might fluctuate.

You can contact our team and discuss this much further with them.

What is One Time Aircon Servicing?

Now if you are someone who keeps track of time and money and with it, your aircon service date then this might be the option for you. As the name suggests, one time aircon service means hiring a technician everytime your aircon unit needs servicing.

You can hire a technician for two reasons,

For quarterly service

This is when your service date is due. The technician will look for errors in the unit and repair them. Perform the necessary fixes. Technician will wash and repair important components like your unit’s coil and filters.

If any problem with the unit arises

The other reason you want a technician to have a look at your unit is when a problem disrupts your aircon unit. It can be anything, from a gas leak to thermostat problems. A technician will look into it and perform the repairs needed.

So this is why you need a technician on a one time basis. Now let’s look at some of the advantages of One time aircon servicing.

Advantages of a One-Time Aircon Servicing

Conclusion of One-time VS Contract Based Aircon Servicing

Now what you want is up to you. You know the benefits of both these services. The major difference is the price and whether you can keep up with the dates. Whatever category seems fit for you, grab it!! You can talk to our team and technician. They can also help you choose.

You can contact Sibehcool and we will provide you with more details and the best aircon service prices in the country.

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