Chemical Overhaul


hemical Overhaul is different from your normal chemical wash. This cleaning method opens up your AC to parts for more extensive cleaning. This eliminates the bad air or performance issues in the machine.

What we offer in the Chemical Overhaul Package

A chemical overhaul gives an extensive cleanup to your air conditioner inside out. This is a procedure that is crucial for someone living in Singapore.

The process accounts for several important steps that help the machine regains its power.

  • The process starts with the technician dismantling the complete unit from the wall. This involves removing the drain pipe and fan coil etc. they are also detached from the electrical units as well.
  • The major components and the circuit board are now cleaned from brushes and the technicians inspect for any burns or damages.
    When the team is done with the preliminary cleanup, they move on to the chemical one.
  • Here, all the same components (coil, fan blower, drain pipe, and front cover) are placed in a chemical solution that completely removes any form of bacterial stain and debris.
  • Before reassembling the components, they are washed again. But this time, with tap water. Then the components are dried with a clean piece of cloth.
  • All the components are now assembled to their previous positions. The AC’s refrigerant system is also cleansed for possible foreign agents through a vacuum hose.
  • If there is any leak or defect found during the assembly, the technicians take care of it.
  • In the end, the AC is switched on and is inspected by our technicians.;

Our chemical overhaul package includes all of the above and much more. To book an appointment, call +65 9050 9006.

The benefit of a Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul cleanses your aircon unit from both the inside as well as the outside. It helps to get rid of all the dust, burns, damages, bacterial stain, and debris which has decreased the performance of the unit.

And the best thing about the overhaul is that our technicians identify if there is anything wrong with the machine or its part. If there is a case like that, they make necessary repairs on the spot.

This is why chemical overhaul is so popular amongst our clients and we strongly recommend it as well.

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