Chemical Wash


fter years of using the same air conditioner, it is evident that the dust in the machine will slow down the performance. Chemical wash helps in completely revamping the inner and outer parts of the AC.

Method of Service

With a chemical wash, you can expect a complete chemical wash of all your components. Eliminating all the bacterial stains, dust, and debris from the AC.

Type of Service

  • We start by checking the electrical port if they are working properly. The external parts of the AC such as the front panel and filter are extensively scrubbed so that there is no dust on the parts.
  • Then the filter is cleansed and lightly scented which helps with the bacterial stains and smell.
  • After that, our technicians move to some of the more sophisticated checks which involve compressor suction and discharge pressure.
  • Comprehensive vacuuming of the drainage system is also performed.
  • At the end of the procedure, the technicians have a final test run that ensures the evaporator coils and drainage trays are in functioning order.

Our chemical wash package includes all of the above and much more. To book an appointment, call +65 9050 9006.

The benefit of a Chemical Wash

A chemical wash changes the whole appearance and performance of your aircon unit.

You’ll see a considerable improvement in performance in your machine after an extensive chemical wash. This type of wash helps in improving more than one flaw of a unit such as,

A chemical wash helps in eliminating all the pre-existing leaks in your aircon unit.
Most units start blowing a weird smell into the air after a while. The chemical wash takes that away and purifies the air.

After a chemical wash, your entire household starts living again as it helps immensely with circulation.

Scope Of Job