Gas Top Up


our aircon unit isn’t giving cold air, in fact, it throws hot air out. This could happen when the unit is low on gas and requires a gas top-up. Our team has the equipment to instantly refill your unit.

What we offer in the Gas Top Up Package

There are places and seasons where an AC with medium cooling could work. But in tropical areas where it is important to have an air conditioner in optimal health, you need to have regular checks to ensure that the machine is up to date.
Our technicians are known to elegantly find leakages (if there are any), repair them and provide a gas top-up.

Here is how it goes down,

  • You will be presented with two options as there are two types of gas top-ups in Singapore. The two types are namely R22 and R40 refrigerants.
  • Most people don’t know about them so we will help you understand. The main difference between these two is that the R22 is for old AC units and the R40 is for the newer versions that are currently on the market.
  • Now, who decides what goes into your AC. Well, that’s the job of our technicians as they are well aware of both old and newer models.
  • They will have a look at the air conditioner in your home or business and then make the decision.
  • The technician will also look for any leakages in the pipes and get rid of them. This is the main reason why the air isn’t cold enough.
  • After the leakages are repaired, the technician will implement a gas top-up which brings back the optimal performance.
  • A final check from the technician will determine if the performance is satisfactory.

Our gas top-up package includes all of the above and much more. To book an appointment, call +65 9050 9006.

How often do we have to top up our aircon unit?

This might depend on several aspects relating to your own aircon unit. It is recommended that after a repair, the technician checks the aircon gas and offers a top-up.

When your AC starts giving air that is mildly cold, not cold, or even hot, then that’s where you should definitely get a gas top-up. This is basically the only job of the gas, to blow cold breeze out of the unit.

Is it fine to do a gas refill in the unit by myself?

No, we won’t recommend that. Doing a refill on your own can be hazardous for your health as the refrigerant can bring harm to your body if it ever got into contact with your skin and eyes.
Some people do their own refilling as refill kits are available to purchase.

But, they have the basic knowledge and experience. An experienced technician makes sure that the refill is done properly and that there aren’t any leakages in the unit. Because leakages add a lot to your next month’s bill.

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