It's different for both residential air conditioners and commercial air conditioners. The air conditioner at your house has to be serviced once after every 3 months. This is the best solution to keep it in its best shape. As far as the commercial air conditioner is concerned, servicing it once a month would be the right decision.This doesn't always have to be like that. You can tweak the schedule sometimes but remember not to delay more than two months.g longer to service your air conditioner will only result in the formation of several problems. Because of the dust, your air conditioner will have poor airflow. Not having your AC serviced can also hurt its functionality and performance.

There are tons of services that help you maintain your air conditioner even in the most humid areas. If you look at the skill and abilities of our technicians at sibehcool, they offer aircon installation services that perfectly install the air conditioner at your residential property or commercial property.Then there are the regular services that help maintain your air conditioner. These services are routine servicing, chemical overhaul and chemical wash. And if you are feeling that your air conditioner has stopped throwing cold breeze, then it's time to have a gas top-up. Gas top-up helps bring back the chilled air that keeps the temperature down.If any other problems are restricting your machine from operating perfectly, then our troubleshooting and repair team will take it from there and ensure everything is intact.

It can be because of several reasons that your air conditioner is not properly cooling the room. Dirty filters are one of the most common problems, along with having insufficient gas in the air conditioner.There are also issues such as dirt in the condenser coils, defective thermostat, defective compressor, leaked refrigerant, blocked condenser or dirty evaporator. This demands a proper look-up by the expert technician. He/she can then figure out the solution after finishing the inspection.

If your air conditioner has water coming out of it, then it needs to be checked by a technician. The water leakage is most probably because the discharge cannot drain out from the outer.In a perfectly working machine, the discharge (water) comes from the drainage pipe fixed with the outer. The drainage pipe might be choked because of dirt or other reasons. This prevents the water from draining through the pipe; hence it finds a new way to discharge from.

The most common solution for this problem is the air conditioner being low on refrigerant. Whenever the refrigerant levels on an aircon unit are not up to the standard, the air from the unit gets warmer and warmer.The refrigerant level decreases when there is a leak in the unit, and it is recommended that you contact a technician at your first convenience. Our technicians can help you with this particular problem. The technicians will arrive at your residence, find the leakage and damages, efficiently apply repairs and bring the aircon unit back to its chilly ways.And yes, we will also ensure you have a 100% gas top-up.

In an air conditioner unit, you can hear several types of noise, each indicating a problem you might have in the unit that needs solving.A banging, clanking or even buzzing noise can account for several problems like broken parts in the inner and outer of your aircon unit. Loose connecting parts can also sometimes produce banging and clanking noises that can become regular music in your household.Apart from that, other problems such as dust and debris should also be cleaned up because they can create buzz noises. All this can be prevented if you call a good technician who finds the problem and implements the solutions.

Aircon lights twinkle when there is a possible malfunction in the machine. Now, the twinkle does not elaborate on the problem. It just provides a heads up that your unit indeed has an issue. This is where you call a technician to have a look at the problem.The twinkling light can suggest anything. It can be an electrical problem, or an ac component is damaged. But the most common ones are poor filter installation, regular maintenance delays, your aircon unit's refrigerant levels being low, problems with the compressor, etc.

Ice can form on both the inner and outer pipe of your aircon unit. And both happen because of different problems. The pipe that goes through the internal unit to the exterior unit starts forming ice when the indoor unit needs servicing, like cleaning the filter and fan coil.However, ice forming on the discharge pipe is due to insufficient gas in the aircon unit. This is one of the most common reasons for ice forming on the exterior unit.

Yes, you surely need your condenser to be serviced and operated at an optimal rate. The exterior part of your aircon unit is as essential as the interior one. And just like the internal unit, your condenser (exterior) also develops problems after a considerable time.Without the condenser, your unit is as good as nothing.The condenser helps in keeping the air of the unit cleaner and cooler. It comprises several parts such as the blower fan, condenser coil, capacitors, compressor, and motors, which all require regular checkups.

Before hiring someone to operate your aircon unit, be sure to know the terminologies and their effect on the unit, such as normal servicing, chemical overhaul, chemical wash, gas top-up, etc.Also, hire a technician who knows the job and is qualified to do it with considerable experience. We do the same at Sibehcool when we hire a technician. The technician must undergo many tests to be considered qualified for the job.

Normal servicing and chemical wash cleanse and maintain your aircon unit, but some areas stay untouched. After some time, you need to give the whole unit a proper wash, and a chemical overhaul does exactly that.In a chemical overhaul, the technician completely dismantles the unit, applies cleaning processes, finds potential problems, and applies fixes. This overhaul changes your aircon unit into a new one. This not only cleans the inside and outside of the unit but improves its functionality and performance.

Your aircon compressor is supposed to complete different tasks elegantly, and if it fails to do that, the unit is of no good. Let's say that the cooling of your aircon unit is not working despite the unit being full of refrigerant. This can be because the compressor has stopped performing its duties.Many other common problems need a quick look from the technician to get to the thick of things. A few common reasons are,Suction lines are blocked, condenser coils are dirty, the internal system is contaminated, etc.

An aircon unit that shutdown automatically does not have a clear solution. Firstly, the technician has to identify the problem. One guess would be the thermostat of the unit is not working correctly. As the thermostat is supposed to control the proper shut down of the unit, if it's malfunctioning, the unit may shut down ahead of time.Dirty filters can also result in choking the evaporator coils with ice hence shutting down the aircon unit prematurely. If your air conditioner's compressor is not working properly, it can make the unit go on/off at anytime. Only a technician can identify many other problems, such as electrical problems, capacitor malfunctioning, dirty condenser coils, low refrigerant levels, etc.

Inverter aircon and non-inverter aircon units are the two options we have when looking for a new unit. These two machines are similar in many aspects but also different in tons of ways. The inverter aircon units are newer technologies that are more expensive than the non-inverter, and it has a controlled compressor.The non-inverter aircon does not have a controlled compressor. They operate on a default one. Both of these aircon technologies differ from each other when it comes to their functionality, compressor, performance, cost, and maintenance.

The horsepower of an aircon unit varies from the size of the room and the area in which you live. Even if you have a small space but live in a location where the roof is directly exposed to the sun, you might have to rethink the horsepower standard list.This scenario might require a unit with a higher HP to cool down the room.The wise decision would be to consult a technician regarding this matter. We have a team available 24/7 to help you find the best fit for your residence.