Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit 2024

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit

In this article we will be discussion about the 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit

An aircon unit has a reputation for getting itself in trouble. This happens because of many reasons and they often drive the unit into a condition where a technician has to step in. Most of the time it helps but sometimes, the aircon unit couldn’t return to its prime form.

Although there are a few rules and tips if implemented can keep your aircon unit from harm’s way and will keep your pockets away from a scary repair bill.

So let’s look at the 4 common mistakes you can avoid for your aircon unit.

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit: Set your thermostat properly

Wonder why your electricity bills are quite heavy compared to your neighbors? 

For context, a thermostat’s job is to keep the room temperature stable. Once the room temperature gets to the point where the thermostat is set, the aircon unit stops cooling. 

Many households tend to lower the temperature of their thermostat believing that would actually make the room a lot cooler, but it doesn’t. The aircon unit does the cooling at its own pace. Lowering the temperature of the thermostat does not cool down the room more quickly. It only adds to your next month’s bill.

This is a massive mistake and could cost you a lot more than you asked for. If you want a cold room the moment you enter your house, it is better to have a programmable thermostat, as you can operate it even from outside the premises.

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit: The mistakes with vents

It’s a good idea to have your room walls, windows, and door completely covered so that no cool air escapes. But it’s difficult to say the same about your vents. Most of us use it to keep the room fresh and have fine circulation going in the room. Many have different opinions, saying that it hurts the compatibility of your aircon.

Now, this depends on several other things as everyone has different sized rooms, aircon units, and vents. But, you can still talk to an aircon technician if it seems that your central aircon unit is failing to perform its duties.

There is one other thing to keep in mind, your aircon unit is not the alternative to your ceiling fan. They are both used simultaneously and aid each other perfectly. If you don’t have a ceiling fan installed then do it now as it helps to throw cold air throughout the room and lowers your bills.

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit: Not having the right size aircon unit

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit

This is another instance where you need a proper technician to guide you on what size of the unit will be best for your room. There is a false philosophy that the bigger the aircon unit, the better it is for your room.

This is a massive mistake. It is not a given that a larger aircon unit will eliminate the humidity and hot temperature out of the house. This all depends on the size of your room and the magnitude of temperature in your area.

The same goes for a smaller aircon unit. If you have a bigger room and have invested in a small-sized AC, then don’t expect much from that unit. We at Sibehcool will be glad to send our expert technician who will evaluate your household and recommend the right aircon unit for your house.

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit: Unable to keep up with the maintenance

There is a pure reason why people end up paying so much for repairs. It is because they fail to maintain their aircon unit properly and it ends up in the worst possible situation.

Your aircon unit is a machine and just like other machines that operate around us, the aircon unit also needs monthly service. May it be the cleansing of the filter and evaporator coils or the chemical overhaul every six months. If you seem to keep these small checkups on your aircon unit, then it should be and will stay in its prime form. 

These regular maintenance are quite cheap. They keep the machine healthy and keep you away from expensive repairs.


So these were Mistakes to Avoid with Your Aircon Unit. Now that you know about them, you are aware of the problem ahead if you don’t maintain your aircon unit or make the required changes.

Hopefully, you will see to them as this will save you a lot of time and money. Once again, we are glad to help. You can contact Sibehcool if you want to know more about what changes are required in your household specifically. We will hook you with an HVAC technician who will analyze your unit and advise the necessary changes.

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