5 Encouraging Reasons Why Your Aircon Light Blinks

5 Encouraging Reasons Why Your Aircon Light Blinks

In this article, we will discuss why your aircon light blinks. An aircon unit that is not taken care of regularly will reveal different forms of flaws in the time to come. One of those flaws is the blinking of the aircon unit’s light. If you can’t find it, this is the light that appears on the aircon unit beside the fan.

Wherever this light blinks, there is something wrong with the aircon unit. The light senses if an operation has gone wrong or if the machine isn’t performing the right way.

It can be anything, sometimes you will find the change in your machine yourself but if you can’t find it, leave it in the hands of a professional.

In this blog post, we will go through the 5 reasons why your aircon light blinks. This will help you know your aircon unit a bit more.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks Reason 1: Having an AC leakage

AC gas leakage is a very common problem throughout Singapore. It can result in your aircon unit giving hot air. An aircon gas leak is also known as a refrigerant leak and whenever that happens, the aircon light will start to blink. 

A traditional aircon unit does not have a light installed on it, so you wouldn’t know about the problem until it starts to make the unit more vulnerable. So if your aircon unit is low on refrigerant, you need to contact a professional technician to help you with a refrigerant refill on your aircon unit. 

There are several other ways to check the refrigerant like, the hissing sound in the unit or if the compressor is working properly. But again, it is best to contact a technician for a professional look.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks Reason 2: Having Poor Air Flow/Circulation

Having poor air flow or circulation can be caused by multiple reasons. And it is one of the reasons why the light on your unit blinks. Now to check if airflow and air circulation are the problems, you need to review your aircon unit for the following errors.

  • The AC blower is not working.
  • Your aircon’s air filters are clogged.
  • Your aircon unit is low on refrigerant.
  • Your aircon unit’s ducts are blocked or leaking.
  • Your aircon unit isn’t installed in the right position.
  • Your aircon’s internal drive motor isn’t working properly.
  • The aircon unit installed in the room is oversized or undersized.

An aircon technician can help you find the solution to these problems elegantly. Contact us for further details.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks Reason 3: Having a Freezed Evaporator Coil

Another popular problem that causes your aircon unit to blink is when your evaporator coil is frozen. Now this one is different from others as this requires your immediate attention. If your evaporator coil is frozen, it can end up hurting other parts of your aircon unit, and probably impose leaks throughout the unit.

You can confirm if that’s the case by removing the front panel and looking in to check the frozen evap[orator. There will be layers of ice on the coil due to dirt in the unit. After confirming, call us and we will send a professional technician to help you remove the errors in your machine.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks Reason 4: Having a Clogged Filter

If you have dirty filters it can result in unpleasant changes to your machine and one of them is the light blinking problem. 

An aircon filter usually gets clogged when it’s not maintained longer than 3-4 months. Not cleaning or changing the filter causes it to collect dust and as a result, the air starts to get smelly.

The solution is to change the filter regularly and clean it every three months. You can clean the filters yourself as it is quite an easy task to perform.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks Reason 5: Aircon Unit in Poor Maintenance:

In normal weather, you are required to service your aircon unit every 6 months. If you are keeping up with this schedule, your unit will perform like a chiller apart from any unusual issues. If it is the other way around (being late or not bothering to service the unit) then you are in for big trouble.

Your aircon unit will start to reveal problems that are both expensive and difficult to solve. And for that, you will need some proper help and guidance. If you are in such a situation, contact us today, and our team at Sibehcool will help you resolve the issue quickly.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks Reasons Conclusion:

If you are having a blinking issue with your aircon unit. The above reasons will help you as they are one of the more popular reasons for aircon blinking.  

You can go for yourself and identify which one it is but to apply a proper solution, you need an experienced technician and Sibehcool has got the right one for this job. All you can do is contact us and we will get back to you with a fine solution.

Why Your Aircon Light Blinks

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