One of the most popular features of an aircon unit has been its sleep mode. This feature not only helps your aircon unit operate elegantly but also assists those of us who are interested in an energy-efficient sleeping environment.

So what is this interesting feature of your aircon unit?

Sleep Mode Definition

Sleep mode is a function in your aircon unit that manages the temperature of the room by gradually increasing it over time. This helps in forming a comfortable sleeping environment.

This function is programmed by the owners to start cooling the room at a certain time, let’s just say, two hours before bedtime. So, it will start to do exactly that and keep the room at a preferable temperature throughout the night.

The idea behind the sleep mode feature is to reduce the consumption of energy. This can only be done if stable pressure is put on the machine and with sleep mode. So, the AC does exactly that. It maintains your room environment by operating at a low temperature.

The control is in your hand. You can turn the sleep mode on or off whenever you like. You can also adjust the settings to your liking through the control panel or remote control.

For someone who is about to purchase a new air conditioner with sleep mode or someone who already has one with sleep mode function, here are some of the finest benefits you can take out of the sleep mode feature.

Save Energy to the Fullest

Your energy bills benefit from this one point immensely. How? In traditional cooling systems, the aircon unit starts with a very low temperature in order to cool the room down as quickly as possible.

This not only pressures the machine but consumes a massive portion of the energy. And this goes on for hours as there is no way to maintain the temperature efficiently.

With Sleep mode, you get to schedule when your aircon unit will start operating. This way it will start at a time when you are not in the room or have not planned to sleep. Soon the room will have a cooler environment as the aircon unit has been running at a standard temperature that will gradually improve the temperature of your room over time. This puts a lot less pressure on the machine and hence reduces your energy bills.

A Better Quality of Sleep

A room that has a constant low temperature leads to restless nights and poor-quality sleep. Sleep mode eliminates that by providing a more natural sleeping environment. 

Throughout the night, the temperature remains friendly to your body. This is due to the constant adjustments done by the sleep mode feature. 

Easy To Operate

Another crucial benefit of sleep mode is that you just have to adjust it one time and forget it. And it’s very convenient to operate. You just have to give it the required instructions through the control panel or remote and it will take it from there.

Once you have adjusted the settings, It will automatically manage the temperature of the house giving you time to work on other important matters.

Sleep mode is special because it comes with different settings in different aircon brands. This is why it is so easily customizable and you can set it the way you want.

You can select the timings you are suitable with, the temperature you want it to operate under, and several other preferences.

Eco-friendly to Its Core

Another good thing to get out of sleep mode is that it consumes very low energy which not only reduces the cost of your monthly bill but is eco-friendly and develops a sustainable and comfortable living environment.

For those of us who are aware of the environmental challenges, the world is facing and want to do more about it. This is a great way to contribute to that.


Sleep mode is an interesting feature that makes it all the more important for us to have a modern aircon unit. But remember, it’s not for everyone. Everybody has their way of using an aircon unit. So, it is better to try it out for a week or month. 

Test it, and then make a decision. Is it energy efficient or does it go aligned with your way of life? But overall, it is a great way to manage your electricity bills, live an eco-friendly life, and have a better quality of sleep at times.

There is no alternative to that right?

And remember, the cost of the sleep mode aircon isn’t really an issue as most of the new aircon units in the market already have the special sleep mode feature.

To know more about sleep mode and you can optimize your lifestyle through it, you can always contact our support at Sibehcool.

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