In this article we will be discussion about the Aircon Water Leaking Solution.

Singaporean heat is not for everybody and it can be argued that it shouldn’t be for anybody. The temperature and humidity combined make malls, offices, and homes wildly dependent on temperature cooling devices like an air conditioner. 

And gladly, most folks have this fantastic machine operating in the background.

While we want our aircon unit to work like an Apple product, the natural part in this scenario is that it is still just a machine operating. All we can do is identify the problem and apply proper solutions.

Water Leaking is one of the popular problems in the long list of aircon malfunctioning errors. And just like other errors, water leaking needs to be fixed for the smooth running of the unit. It’s entirely up to you, whether you want to fix it yourself or via a professional technician.

Either way, having a solid understanding of identifying errors and their solutions is vital for both the technician and yourself.

Why Does Water Leak from the Unit?

The water leaks through an aircon unit when it cannot find another way out. It can happen when the discharge pipes are choked with dirt or any other object. Filters being muddy can also result in leakage.

The water leaks even when the refrigerant levels are low. Let’s now look at the solutions for preventing water leakage in an aircon unit.

Solution #1: When the drainage pipe is clogged up

If the AC unit is not releasing the water through the drainage pipe, then there is a strong possibility that the drainage pipe is blocked due to dirt. 

Now clearing the air filters and cleaning the drainage pipe is the way to go in this particular scenario otherwise, the walls in the room will get wetter due to the water leaks.

Note: You can perform a simple test to check if drainage pipes are choked or not. Pour some water onto the evaporator, make sure the water travels through the system and comes out of the drainage pipe. If not, then apply the following fixes.

Make sure to turn off the unit and remove the switch. Remove the front panel and also the filters. Clean the filters for any dirt. Take out the pipe at the bottom of the unit and place an empty bucket under it to collect water.

After extracting the water, place the end of the vacuum pipe at the opening of the drainage pipe. This will help in removing any blockage (dust, mud, object) in the pipe. Once this is done, tape the pipe, put it back under the unit, place the filter and front panel back on the unit and give it a test try.

If the problem is with the drainage pipe, it would have been removed by now.

Solution #2: Dirty Air Filters

Due to delays in aircon service, the filter coil often gets clogged with dirt. This dirt restricts the air space and as a result, the temperature moves down to zero. Because of it, ice forms on the coil and then starts to melt and drip out of the unit. 

To eliminate this water problem, you need to remove the filter coil and wash it with water (a shower head is preferred). If there is mould on the filter, then use a disinfectant spray to kill and remove it.

Once the filters are cleaned, place them back on the unit. The issue will probably be fixed.

Solution #3: Low Refrigerant Levels

When it’s all good with the filters, dust and debris, the air has enough space to play around. But sometimes, there is a leak of refrigerant or because of delays in gas top-up, the refrigerant levels are low. 

This results in the evaporator coils becoming frozen. When the ice on the evaporator coil melts, the water drips out of your aircon unit. Unlike some other aircon fixes, it is better to call for a professional technician for this particular matter.

They will help with identifying the refrigerant leak, repairing it and applying a gas top-up.


For Aircon Leaking Water Solution, we have to regular servicing, an aircon unit stays in perfect form. Try servicing your unit once every six months. But still, problems like water leaks often come unannounced. So now it’s good that you know quite a lot about it.

And if you can’t manage to get rid of it. Sibehcool are still here to provide professional help.

Water leaking from the air conditioner drips from the cooler.