In this article we will be discussion about the Aircon Power Chill based on the topic: Purpose, Functionality, and Troubleshooting

An air conditioner often feels like a gift from heaven, especially when you come back home from a tough day’s work at 40 degrees outside. 

Although the aircon unit will eventually cool the room once you turn it on and then the compressor starts working, I don’t want to wait 20 minutes until my aircon unit starts showing its miracles. Is it too much to ask to have an instant cold room in the house?

Most of us want instant cooling and there is something that does just that.

Aircon power chill is functionality in modern aircon units which works on instantly cooling the room the moment you turn on your aircon unit. 

In regular scenarios, you turn on your unit and it starts throwing air out of the blower, now this is not the cold breeze that comes after 3-5 minutes when your compressor starts operating. The time it takes to cool the room down depends on the power, positioning, and size of your aircon unit. Give or take, it might take 15-20 minutes to have a cold room ready for you.

But the power chip helps cool your room in the shortest time possible. Let’s have a look at how this feature operates.

Understanding the functionality of a Power Chill

There are several types of aircon units. All with their specific settings. But what’s different about the aircon power chill which many call instant cool is that it starts your aircon unit at 16-18 degree centigrade. And when the aircon unit operates on such a low temperature from the beginning, it works doubly hard in degrees the room temperature.

Once your aircon unit cools the room to the set temperature, it will go back to its usual operations where it will keep the room stable at 20-25 degree centigrade. 

There is one more thing, it is not a given that every aircon unit turns back to operating at its normal rate once the power chill hits its temperature. Most units do not have this automatic feature. In this case, you have to manually turn off your aircon unit and turn it on again when needed.

Now the time that the power chill takes to cool off your room depends on the size of the room and whether your aircon unit is the right fit for it. If your aircon unit is small compared to the room, it might be difficult for the power chill to give optimal performance. 

So it’s crucial to consult a technician when you are buying an aircon unit. They can give you the best options based on your budget and the size of your room. Our expert technicians at Sibehcool can help you with this.

How to initiate the Power Chill feature?

The power chill feature can be turned on by pressing its dedicated button on your aircon remote. On many aircon remotes it is labeled as ‘power chill’ and on some others, it is labeled as ‘power full’.

Pressing that button will initiate the power chill process.

Is it wise to turn off the Power Chill?

Keeping the power chill on at all times is like overtime on a job. Your aircon unit works harder when it’s on power chill, which makes it consume more electricity. It is wise to turn off the power chill once it has achieved its sole purpose.

Pros and Cons of Aircon Power Chill

Although the power chill is simply brilliant in every way, you still have to know where it lacks.




Having a power chill is crucial in a country like Singapore which is known for its hot temperature. This feature has very few disadvantages but the benefits hide all the shortcomings. But remember, not every aircon unit has a power chill feature so be sure to check it whenever you are buying a new aircon unit. If you are having trouble, sibehcool are always available to help.

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